What is a Will:

Your Will is the legal document which tells everyone what happens to your possessions, property and money after you pass away.  All these things are known as “Your Estate”.  By not leaving a Will, your “Estate” is controlled by the law.  The law then decides how to pass on your “Estate”.  This can cause your family a lot of stress as the decision may not even benefit them.

Do I need a Will:


All your belongings are distributed to the people/persons of your choice.  Your family is taken care of financially after your passing.  A Will benefits your close family that depend on you financially.  You can also help influence the work of Charitable Organisations by naming them in your Will.  You can also tell people about other wishes that you have i.e. how you like to be buried/cremated.


You have no control over your “Estate” after you pass away.  This can cause animosity as family members  may argue, and in some cases Court proceedings may ensue over how to divide your “Estate”.  All your property and possessions are now controlled by the law.  No Will means no guarantee that your desires are met after you pass away.

How to write a Will:

*  Seek professional advice by using a qualified and regulated Solicitor.

*  Solicitors can provide help on how to write a Will that is tailored to your needs.

*  These are not too expensive and can save your family considerable time and animosity after your passing.

*  Make sure to review your Will regularly, once you have written your Will your circumstances may change, therefore your Will may need to       be updated/changed.

*  Using the help of a Solicitor is certainly advisable as they will have vast experience and training in the drafting/writing of your Will.

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