Simi Padda represented Dr. Anushika Sharma reported case at Sharma -v- Sharma and Others, Court of Appeal, Civil Division [2013].  This was a complex case where the firm represented Dr. Sharma in respect of her financial proceedings.  Her and her Husband had a combined wealth of £50,000,000.  Dr. Sharma was successfully represented whereby she was able to secure her dental practices.  There was protracted litigation over 12 practices which Dr. Sharma had acquired during her marriage.  The Husband’s family were seeking an interest in the practices.

This case involved an issue in law whereby the Husband and his family had not raised any objections to Dr. Sharma acquiring practices outside of the family business.    The Court of Appeal held that Dr. Sharma had not breached either her fiduciary or statutory duty as a Director by acquiring certain practices for her own benefit rather than the family company.

This was a very interesting case where the central issue in the appeal was whether the Shareholders with knowledge of the material facts had acquiesced in the proposed course of contract.  The firm were able to successfully defend the Husband’s application for appeal which was dismissed and Dr. Sharma retained all of her practices.

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